Gold Square

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Our embellishments can instantly take a basic manicure and make it pop. They are easy to apply and fun to use. Use these embellishments to accentuate a look or arrange them in unique patterns and designs.

  • 100% vegan cruelty-free
  • Adds texture
  • Adds dimension
  • Adds sparkle
  • Try them with an accent nail
  • 1 pot contains 20 pieces


Gel Builder (recommended): Apply our DaySlayer Gel onto the entire nail. Then, before curing, apply a thin layer of our Universal No Wipe Top Coat. Place down your embellishments and cure.

Nail Glue: Apply nail glue to the position you would like the crystal. Apply the crystal and hold down for a few seconds. This method is for 1-2 day wear and is not a very strong hold.

Acrylic: Apply a bead of acrylic to the position where you would like to apply the embellishment. Place the embellishment down onto the bead and allow to dry.

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